Addendum Announcement from CHUBB Arabia Cooperative Insurance Co. in regarding the Board of Directors ’recommendation to increase the company's capital by granting shares

2021-04-08 09:17:12

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Introduction Further to the company's announcement published on the Tadawul website on 8-12-1442 corresponding to 03-25-2021 AD, regarding the Board of Directors’s recommendation to increase the company's capital by granting Bonus shares , we would like to inform you that the company received on 08-25-1442 AH corresponding to 04-06 -2021 AD, the letter of the Saudi Central Bank, which includes the approval of the company's capital increase from 200 million riyals to 300 million riyals, with a capitalization of 100 million riyals from the account of the balance of retained earnings. The company will continue to fulfill all the requirements of other official authorities.
Date of Posting the Previous Announcement of Development on Tadawul's Website 2021-03-25 Corresponding to 1442-08-12
URL of the Previous Announcement Click Here
Change on the Development Obtaining the approval of the Saudi Central Bank to increase the company’s capital by bonus shares.
Financial Impact on the change NA